Butterfly Museum in Leba
In the center of the square Leba at Fisherman's Personal Butterfly Museum. The permanent exhibition consists of 102 cabinets entomological, where visitors can view a huge collection of butterflies.

Transmission Time
August 14, 2004 in the center of Leba has been buried for a hundred years Transmission Time, in which 1,000 people entered their private commemorative briefcase containing photographs and memorabilia for future generations.

Magic Mirrors
Built with 145 mirrors magical maze, will provide visitors with an incredible dose of cheerful fun. Maze, which is not always so easy to leave, has a length of more than 50m located in the center of Leba is an inseparable part of the holiday vacation.

Polish Presidents Avenue in Leba
In 2011, in Leba was opened Poland's first Presidential Avenue along, which may be the handprints of all the presidents of Polish.

Moving Dunes
Sand dunes in Leba is the biggest attraction holiday travel annually quicksand in Leba visited nearly 300,000 people. The main goal trips each committed to acquire more than 30 meter high Mount cka.

Museum Rocket Launcher
In the years 1940 to 1945 was located in Rbka German secret training ground, where he held a secret trial of German "Wunderwaffe" (Miracle Arms) and anti-aircraft missile, "Rheintochter" (Daughter of the Rhine). More than that available to visitors gallery "Leba in old photographs" and lookout tower.

Museum of Natural History SPN
Rbka Museum presents exhibition titled natural dunes, which is worth seeing before you start exploring the dunes. This will help you understand how to create a whole ecosystem of which they are moving dunes.

Ruins of the Church of the Holy. Nicholas
The remains of a Gothic church, which was built in the fourteenth century on the grounds of the former Leba. After the great flood that hit Lebe in 1570, its inhabitants moved to the present land, and the church was gradually destroyed by the forces of nature.

Replica Spruce Rafts
The Yacht Port in Leba is a replica of the Spruce rafts on which 28.8.1957, three sailors (among them the famous sailor Andrew Urbanczyk today) sailed from Leba to Sweden.

Spit Nature Reserve Sarbska
Created in 1976, the reserve with an area of ​​546.63 ha is such a mini Slowinski Park in a nutshell. Separates Lake Sarbsko from the Baltic Sea. Choosing the hiking trail you can visit the parabolic dunes that nearly matched the height of Mount cka. Runs through the reserve marked bike path around Lake Sarbsko bike trail R-10, as well as international red seaside trail.

Dinosaur Park
Leba Park offers visitors a meeting with hundreds of realistic figures made ​​of dinosaurs and other creatures recreated in real scale, inhabiting the Earth 65 million years ago. It is a tourist attraction which should survive.

Sea Park Sarbsk
The only such park in Poland related to the flora and fauna of the seas and oceans as well as the culture and history of Pomerania.